Supply Boy (se-plî' boi) n. 1, person who can furnish required or desired items. 2, (informal) menial position in workplace. 3, (obscure) reference to "Crumb" documentary film, esp. relating to dysfunctional group dynamics. ORIGIN late Middle English: from Old French soupleer, from Latin supplere 'fill up,' from sub- 'from below,' + plere- 'fill,' The early sense of the noun was [assistance,relief] (chiefly a Scots use) + (a male servant) of unknown origin.
Supply Boy is a rockin' alternative/indie trio residing in Denver and Boulder, Colorado. Formed in 2001, the band consists of Sarah Lucey on guitar/vocals, Suzi Alegra on bass/vocals, and Brian Kauffman on skins/metals. The group presents original tunes influenced by music ranging from riot grrrl to classic rock. Currently playing around Denver, Boulder, and the surrounding areas, the "Boys" have performed alongside acts such as Space Team Electra, Dressy Bessy, Tami Hart, Dear Nora, Jody Bleyle (former Team Dresch), and the Haggard.

The Onion: A.V., Dec 14, 2006
Rock Locally:

... here's a rundown of some of Dever/Boulder's most intriguing discs of 2006...
Supply Boy, Happy Dogs -- Suzi Allegra and Sarah Lucey sing tunes that mend hearts as much as break them -- and Happy Dogs is a bracing shot of unpretentious pop-punk that's not afraid to bust out the accoustics, the intelligence, or the unabashed honesty.

Westword: Rough Mixes , Aug 10, 2006
Supply and Demand: Flying beneath the radar, Supply Boy delivers.
By Tom Murphy

Five years and as many releases into its existence, Supply Boy is still somewhat of an obscurity in the Mile High City, which is unfortunate in light of the act's startlingly sophisticated musicianship and its penchant for creating smartly crafted pop songs that don't fit neatly into any specific subgenre. [...]

The Onion
Supply Boy at the Walnut Room, Aug 10, 2006

It's hard to tell if the three cartoon canines on the cover of Supply Boy's new Happy Dogs CD are supposed to represent the band itself. The trio's music, after all, is as solemn as it is buoyant, dealing in no vague terms with lethargy, depression, and lovelorn loss. Like an indie update of 90's outfits like Sarge and Team Dresch, Supply Boy leans on the stridently melodic vocal force of guitarist Sarah Lucey and bassist Suzi Allegra, whose candid lyrics and vicious pop instincts make for some of Denver's most arresting and eminently real punk rock. The group will be celebrating Happy Dogs' release as part of the monthly woman-oriented arts-and-music showcase Under The Hood.